Improper diet & life style will damage your skin. Our skin is exposed to different toxins from outside.Besides this the food and too much  medicines will also leads to accumulation of   toxins in the body & the impact is directly on the skin. For most of the skin diseases internal & external cleansing will give good results. Psoriasis is one of the most common skin condition.Reasons for this particular problem is not identified. Industrialization and over exposure to clinical may cause psoriasis. But the major aggravating factor for this disease is improper diet & life style.

Beauty goes farther than being just skin deep yet your skin is one of the most visible expressions of this beauty. Our skin bears down the age, stress, lack of attention and often wrinkles dark circles, dry patches, pimples and dullness all show up as uninvited guests.


Acne :

It is a widespread skin condition; reason may be hormonal changes, allergic response to the surroundings, improper diet lifestyle etc.


This is a skin condition with reddish scale itchy skin. According to modern medical science psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which gets triggered by stress, certain food etc. Ayurveda explains cause of psoriasis as mithyaharavihara (improper diet and lifestyle). Psoriasis can be generalized or localized.

Eczema : (Atopic dermatitis): It is a skin condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, rag and rough.

Vitiligo : It is a long term problem of skin in which skin loses its normal color.

Leucoderma : Is gradual loss of skin pigment called melanin.

We can treat skin diseases in Ayurveda through proper Shodanakarma(Purificatory procedure). The shodhana karma has to be done very systematically by following Purvakarma(pre purificatory procedures) and Paschat karma(post purificatory procedures). Purvakarmaincludes Snehapana – intake of medicated ghee or oil in prescribed dose for a prescribed period, and Snehasweda – Applying oil externally and doing proper perspiration.Paschatkarma includes proper dietary restrictions and modifications. As  shodhana karma, either vamana(emesis) or virechana(purgation) can be done depending on the doshavridhi . Other than the shodhana karma,giving shamanaoushada(internal medications) along with other therapies liketakradhara( pouring medicated buttermilk ) is  beneficial in treating skin manifestations.