Menopause officially marks the end of female reproduction. Perimenopause occurs well before official menopause . During this period, there will be a drop in estrogen which is a main female hormone which leads to symptoms like  irregular periods, periods that are heavier or lighter, weight gain, increase in heart beat,hair changes,head aches, etc. According to the Ayurveda this period shows increase of vata. Strengthening &rejuvenating the reproductive system should be the main focus. There may be accumulation of the toxic material ( Ama). Proper shodhana ( Panchakarma) chikilsa will definitely a better choice.According to Ayurvedic science menopause is viewed not as a disease but as a transition imbalance. It is a natural transition in women’s life.

In Nagarjuna Sthree Ayurveda we have our own treatment programmes derived from individual case studies of this particular group PROMISE.