Neuromuscular diseases are those  affect nervous and muscular systems directly. Cerebrovascular accident(CVA), Parkinson’s diseases, multiplesclerosis, ALSetc comes under this category.The disorders mainly causes degeneration of nerves and dysfunction of muscles .Restricted or complete loss of movements, muscle weakness, inflammation of muscle are common symptoms

According to Ayurveda all muscular diseases comes under Vatavyadhi . Ayurvedic principles states that  most of the neuromuscular disorders occur because of Beejadosha (genetic factors), degenerated vatha and due to certain defects orimpairment of Mamsaagni.Basic causative  factors that increases vata is excessive exercise ,old age ,improper diet,genetic reason etc .,Ayurveda sees this condition by balancing thridosha and empoweringdhatus.This treatments nourishes weak parts of the body and balances viciatedvata. Main Ayurvedic treatments are abhyanga, pizhichil, njavarakizhi, shirodhara and suitable panchakarma.