Both Neck Pain& Back Pain are spine related health issues. Vertebral spine is the main foundation on which the whole body is standing. Spine muscles will help to keep vertebra intact. Loss of tone of these muscles will lead to spine problems. Focusing on treatments for strengthening of muscles & soft tissues along with life style modifications will definitely improve the condition. Both are very common health problems which can be managed through Ayurveda.

Cervical Spondylosis(GreevaGraha):  This is a degenerative condition where there is stiffness and pain in the neck along with the associated complaints of pain radiating to both the hands/back of the neck, giddiness and also feeling of numbness of the fingers.

Lumbar Spondylosis(KadeeGraha): This is a condition where the person experiences pain and stiffness of the lower back which may radiate to one or both legs. Patient will find it difficult to sit or stand for a long time.

In Ayurveda ,We can manage these conditions through therapies; medicines; dietand lifestyle corrections.

For cervical spondylosis,Nasya(one of the panchakarma ) is highly indicated. Nasya is a treatment where medicated oil is administrated through nostrils to removetoxins accumulated in the oorthanga (above the shoulder). Along with this, different types of kizhi, greevavasti, greevapichuetcwill improve the condition.

For low back pain different kizhis, pizhichil, kadivasti ,matravasti and kashayavasti will reduce the pain and stiffness. Doing these treatments for prescribed periods with strict diet and lifestyle corrections has given good outcomes.