A healthy sperm and healthy ovum is necessary for a physically, mentally and emotionally healthy offspring. Fertility is a natural process. Certain imbalances in the female hormone level, gynecological disorders, emotional factors etc. can be the reason for female infertility. According to Ayurveda relocation of aggravatedvatha causes hormonal imbalance. Aggravation of kapha causes blockage in the tubes.  Ayurveda has good solution for female fertility issues. Identifying the cause and treating it through propershodhana shaman chikitsa will definitely help.

Infertility  is amedical condition which affect one out of six couples .Most common cause of female infertility are damage to fallopiantube, endometriosis PCOS etc.identifying  underlying problem and treating is very important. Emotional balance between both partners arealso very important.Ayurveda has proper treatment for vandhyata(infertility). Classical sodhana karma can be performed after identifying and addressing the specific cause